Whether it’s tray passing cocktails and hors d’oeuvres at your next birthday party, helping to set up, organize, and maintain a hot or cold food buffet at a special event, or maybe you’re just looking for a few servers to help out with your next dinner party.
Our servers can help assist you from the moment they arrive to the moment they leave with things such as setting up and food prep before your guests arrive, maintaining and replenishing food stations, serving and bussing during the event, and then of course helping with the break down and clean up at the end of your event.


Our full service bartenders will help set up and organize your bar when they arrive, advise you prior to or during the event if and when necessary, and of course expertly make whatever drinks you and your guests desire. At the conclusion of your event, our bartenders will also help break down and clean up the bar area before they leave.


The barback is a crucial staff member for many of our events. They are in charge of keeping everything at and around the bar clean, organized, and running smoothly. Their duties include but are not limited to setting up, bussing, refilling ice, restocking the bar, replenishing glassware, helping to break down the bar, and taking out the garbage.


When dealing with our larger parties and special events, this is the most indispensable person you will have on your team. At a wedding for example, the event captain acts as the point person for the client, event planner, caterer, dj, and of course the rest of the event staff. It’s the event captain’s job to manage the other event staff, delegate responsibilities, trouble shoot & problem solve when necessary, and keep everything running smoothly, efficiently, and on schedule.